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• Counsel from defense at a court-martial

• Representation at the Appellate Courts

• Boards for correction and the Court of Claims

• Serving all branches of the military

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Veterans Legal Service handles the highest level of cases including negligent homicide to high-profile terrorism cases in every military court system. No stranger to military law, Mr. Chris Kannady, Attorney at Law, has diverse expertise in all branches of the military.

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When you need an attorney who understands the system, look no further than the legal counsel at Veterans Legal Service.

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No matter what branch of service you are in, our legal experts can help.

Ask about our work with the Appellate Courts.

If your career is on the line, you need the assistance of a legal expert to ensure that your military records are not grossly mishandled. Mr. Kannady has provided legal expertise for a multitude of legal matters and all ranks of military professionals. Our service takes into consideration the psychological issues that plague the military system, and we find a way to help you work through any problem.

With years of experience in the U.S. Marine Corps and the Air National Guard, and time spent deployed to various regions of the Middle East and Africa, Mr. Kannady has firsthand experience from both sides of the fence. If you are in need of legal representation, our attorney can help.

Diverse expertise


It takes a highly skilled legal mind to understand the military system. At Veterans Legal Service, you've found that understanding.

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