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Chris Kannady

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Christopher L. Kannady is a Senior Counsel for The Federal Group in Washington, D.C. and is a lawyer associated with the Foshee & Yaffe Law Firm.


Mr. Kannady had an extensive military career as a respected litigator in complex cases. He is known as a subject-matter expert in complicated and sensitive military courts. Mr. Kannady currently maintains a Top Secret/SCI security clearance. He currently serves as a Staff Judge Advocate in the Air National Guard.


Mr. Kannady faithfully served as a United States Marine Corps Officer with duties as both a military prosecutor and defense counsel where he has and continues to litigate high profile cases. Additionally, he previously served as the office-in-charge for one of the few Marine Corps extended legal assistance programs, where he handled a wide array of civil matters in state court proceedings.


Mr. Kannady was deployed to Iraq with the Legal Service Support Team in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom prosecuting cases all over Iraq for the Marine Corps, while also handling detainee operations. During his time stateside, Mr. Kannady served as a defense counsel for several years litigating specialized cases involving homicide, rape, drug-related offenses, and multi-faceted conspiracy cases. Mr. Kannady had an incredible 97% retention rate of the clients he represented while on active duty.


Mr. Kannady also served as a defense counsel in the Guantanamo Bay military commissions. His work with the commissions took him to several operational environments including Afghanistan, Sudan, and Qatar for extremely sensitive investigative missions. Mr. Kannady was able to balance national security matters with diplomatic negotiations that proved to be very successful. Mr. Kannady was involved with the release of one of his clients and the negotiation of one of the few pretrial agreements aimed at the release of another client. Mr. Kannady was successful in these negotiations as he balanced the interests of his client with the demands of several intelligence agencies, the Department of Justice, and the State Department.


After graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Letters from the University of Oklahoma, Mr. Kannady went on to complete a Master’s in Business Administration and a Juris Doctor also from the University of Oklahoma.


Additionally, Mr. Kannady also holds a Master of Laws in National Security and Foreign Relations Law from George Washington University, Washington, D.C.



• LL.M. in National Security and Foreign Relations Law, George

  Washington University

• J.D., University of Oklahoma

• M.B.A., University of Oklahoma

• B.A., University of Oklahoma


Bar Admissions

• District of Columbia

• Oklahoma

• West Virginia (Pending)


Court Admissions

• U.S. Supreme Court

• U.S. Federal Court of Claims

• D.C. District Court

• Western District of Oklahoma

• Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces

• Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals

• Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals

• Army Court of Criminal Appeals

• Oklahoma Supreme Court

• D.C. Superior Court

• West Virginia Supreme Court



Counter-Terrorism, International Law and Practice, ISBN: 978-0-19-960892-8, publication pending (2012): Chapter 27-The Push-Pull of the Law of War: The Rule of Law and e Military Commissions.


Military Law and the Law of War Review, 48/1-2, 165-210 (2009):60 Days to Freedom-The Release and Repatriation of Mohammad Jawad.


American Indian Law Review, published at 29 Am. Indian L. Rev. 363 (2004-2005): The State, Cherokee Nation, and Same Sex Unions: In Re Marriage License of McKinley and Reynolds.

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