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When you need real world experience and counsel that will stand up to the chain of command and the U.S. Government

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Our services include, but are not limited to:

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• Adultery / fraternization

• Assault and battery

• Command / criminal investigations

• General court-martial

• Special court-martial

• Summary court-martial


At Veterans Legal Service, our legal team, led by Mr. Kannady, offers services worldwide, including combat zones. Our recent areas served include:

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When military law is violated, it could result in much harsher consequences on your job, your military records, and your life. At Veterans Legal Service, our attorney understands firsthand how the legal system works within every branch of the military.

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If you need answers quickly, contact our head attorney, Chris Kannady, and get started on a review of your situation. Mr. Kannady will fight for your rights with highly skilled, aggressive representation.

• Article 15

• Captain’s mast

• Board of corrections (BCNR, ABCMR,




• Article 138 complaints

• Tinker Air Force Base

• Fort Sill

• Fort Bliss

• Fort Hood

• Fort Sam Houston

• Sheppard Air Force Base

• Red River Army Depot

• Dyess Air Force Base

• Goodfellow Air Force Base

• Laughlin Air Force Base

• Lackland Air Force Base

• Randolph Air Force Base

• Naval Air Station Corpus Cristi

• Altus Air Force Base

• Vance Air Force Base

• Fort Riley


Our attorney can handle complicated forensic cases dealing with drugs, sexual assault, electric media, and much more.

We offer real world experience and counsel that will stand up to the U.S. Government.

Help for every rank!

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